Jonas Brusman

I like to do high fives, take photographs and make cool things with Ruby.

A night out

DSCF1829 - Version 2 DSCF1830 - Version 2 DSCF1869 - Version 2

A night out in July 2011. Emil and my brother David at Bröderna Olsson, Stockholm.



Where in Prague from Sunday to Wednesday. A sort of delayed weekend trip with Eva. I felt like a real tourist with my camera so this is basically the only picture I took that is not on when we drank beer at a random beer garden (the spring had arrived in Prague).

Herr och Dam

Took the train to Örebro with Eva over a Saturday a couple of weeks ago. Our objective was to see Eva’s friend Emilie play her piece. The piece was played in the least inspiring places I’ve visited in a long time.


At the end of August last year, it was time for the yearly Popaganda festival. Most of it was totally awesome but the absolute best part was the concert with Arcade Fire. Lovely!



The snow is melting and spring is coming so what is not better than one last winter image with lots snow? Took this picture in Gubbängen, Stockholm, January 2007.


IMG_2047 DSCF2379

This is Eva, my grandma. She’s the best! Went to Linköping last weekend to celebrate her 94th birthday but these photos are taken in June 2010 and July 2011.



Spent the weekend with Eva in Malmö, visiting Angelina and Anders. Here’s Anders enjoying the winter view when we went to Västra Hamnen.