Jonas Brusman

I like to do high fives, take photographs and make cool things with Ruby.


Taken at Kläppen Ski Resort, January 2006.


Thought I might be able to shoot a bit more again and get inspiration for some nice pictures when I was in Dublin for a couple of weekends ago. But i was a little bit disappointed when i transferred the photographs to my computer. Anyway, here is a photo of Eva on a shopping street in the middle of Dublin.

A sunday walk to Långsjöbadet

Took a walk with Eva this grey Sunday. Came to a lake with a empty beach and came home with wet shoes. Looking forward to visit that beach in the summer instead.

Mynewsdesk through Loopcam

Stekarveven :D Kickoff Kickoff RC-car Nordic Ruby

Having fun with Loopcam.

Real-time Instagram feed for SilarApp


Working on a real-time Instagram photo feed for a new SilarApp dashboard. Perfect for an event or a venue who wants to encourage the use of Instagram to increase their reach in social media.

And by the way, I love my kitchen table!


DSCF0623 - Version 2 DSCF0614 - Version 2

The last days of my summer vacation was spent at my fathers house, out in the countryside. Among other things we took a walk in the forrest to pick some chanterelles. Did not find that much mushrooms but it did not matter because I’m not so fond of it.

A web interface to Jekyll

Use Prose, a content editor for GitHub, optimized for managing websites, to get a web based interface for managing your Jekyll site (or other text-based content in your Github repositories). You can now write a new blog post or fix that typo without even leaving the browser. You can even specify metadata defaults for your posts.

This work really out of the box if you host your site on Github via Github pages but if you, like me, are using Heroku you need to set up some more automation. See my previous post on how to automatically deploy to Heroku when pushing to Github.