Jonas Brusman

I like to do high fives, take photographs and make cool things with Ruby.

Divshot Jekyll hosting

I used to host this site on Heroku but have now moved to a platform build for static sites, or as Divshot puts it: Static Web Hosting for Developers. Setting up the site on Divshot was a breeze, took just a couple of seconds from when I started reading the documentation to when I had the site up and running. And they even have a free plan for small sites like this one.

Continious deployment with CircleCI

My previous setup allowed me to just push my updates to the Github repository and have Heroku pull the changes and update the site automatically. The new setup uses CircleCI to accomplish the same. Add your Divshot token to the environment variables on CircleCi (more info) and then tell it to deploy on successful deploy by adding this to the circle.yml file in the root of the repository:

    - bundle exec jekyll build
    branch: master
      - npm install -g divshot-cli
      - divshot push production —token $DIVSHOT_TOKEN
    branch: /(^(?!master$).*$)/
      - npm install -g divshot-cli
      - divshot push staging —token $DIVSHOT_TOKEN

It will deploy the master branch to the production environment and all other branches to the staging environment. All automatically when pushing to Github.


DSCF1635.jpg DSCF1631.jpg

Heroku’s GitHub Integration

Heroku has finally released their own integration with Github. So it’s time for me to officially retire my current solution based on my HerokuDeployer project. An app that I build for the sole purpose of deploying this Jekyll blog with just a push to the Github repository. I’ve been using the new official Github integration as part of the closed beta for a while and it has worked flawlessly.

Just log in to your Heroku dashboard to enable automatic deploys to make Heroku build and deploy all pushes to the specified branch.

Read more about the new Github integration in Heroku’s Dev Center documentation.


DSCF1700.jpg DSCF1706.jpg

Finally, the snow decided to show up. It came a couple of days late, it missed christmas. And of course, it’s all gone by now.


Sörby gård and Lärkstugan in the beginning and end of the summer.

Deploy Jekyll to Heroku with a click on a button

I’ve updated my Jekyll + Heroku + Unicorn sample app to the latest version of Jekyll available (2.3.0). It now have all the latest features from Jekyll!

I also added a Heroku Button. So you can deploy your own version of the Jekyll site to a new app on your Heroku account with just a single click on a button. You can try it directly here on this blog by clicking the button below.


Pressing this button will deploy a Unicorn powered Jekyll site to Heroku. The blog will be blazingly fast and handle a heavy load by using Unicorn with multiple workers on per dyno. And by only using a Dyno the hosting will be completely free!

Hi my name is Mr. Brusman

Hi my name is Mr. Brusman

Me and Eva got married for nearly two weeks ago. I took Eva’s surname and is now called Brusman instead Forsberg. So I thought that this was a good opportunity to tweak the typography on this site while I changed all occurrences of my previous last name.