Cache Gatsby builds on Netlify

When I started moving this site from Jekyll to Gatsby I noticed that my deploys to Netlify was very slow. Mostly because I have a lot of large photos that need to be converted and optimized to different sizes. I experienced deploy times over 10 minutes and thought that there must be something to do to speed things up.

When I was using Jekyll I just dumped my photos cache inside the node_modules directory and I thought that I just could do that now too. But it felt dirty. And hacky.

So I search the Netlify documentation but couldn't find anything about adding files to a cache between builds until I stumble upon a comment on StackOverflow (or was it on a Github issue?) that mentioned an undocumented cache folder and that someone already had built a Gatsby plugin that simply caches the Gatsby output in that Netlify folder. A piece of cake!

  1. Install the addon by running: yarn add gatsby-plugin-netlify-cache
  2. Add 'gatsby-plugin-netlify-cache' to the plugins list in your gatsby-config.js file.