My default apps at the end of 2023

After scrolling past both Adam's and Kev's posts on Mastodon, in which they shared their lists of default apps for 2023, I thought it might be fun to create one myself. There's even a list of other people's posts like this.

📨 Mail Service: Migadu

📮 Mail Client: Apple Mail

📝 Notes: Apple Notes & Logseq

To-Do: Things

📆 Calendar: Apple Calendar

🗞️ RSS service: Feedbin

⌨️ Launcher: Raycast

🛹 Clipboard manager: Raycast

☁️ Cloud storage: iCloud

🌅 Photo library: iCloud

🤳🏻 Photo editing: Darkroom

🌐 Web Browser: Orion for browsing, Firefox for web development

💬 Chat: Signal

🎤 Podcasts: Overcast

🎶 Music: Apple Music

🔐 Passwords: 1Password

💁🏻‍♂️ Social: Mastodon

🐘 Mastodon: Ivory

🌤️ Weather: Carrot Weather

🔎 Search: Kagi

🎮 First game I play each morning: Threes

👨🏻‍💻 Terminal: iTerm2

🧮 Code Editor: Visual Studio Code

🛍️ Grocery List: Matlistan