Hello Migadu, Goodbye Fastmail

You might have noticed in my last post that I am using Migadu as my email service provider. Back in June, I changed my domains DNS to point to Migadu instead of Fastmail has been as worry-free as Fastmail, just cheaper. The main domain I use is based on my wife's family name, and we've got a few folks who would love to have their own firstname@lastname email addresses. Unfortunately, it became quite costly with my previous provider, Fastmail. So, I began exploring other options.

The big win

That's when I found Migadu. They have a different billing approach that works better for families like mine. Instead of charging for the number of email addresses or accounts, Migadu’s pricing depends on the volume of emails sent and received. This means I can create as many accounts, addresses, or aliases as we want without worrying about the cost.

The missing stuff

Migadu doesn't offer calendar or contact syncing, but I solved this by moving these functions to Apple iCloud, which is fine since I'm already in the Apple ecosystem.