A Flickr plugin to Jekyll

This blog is driven by Jekyll and i have written a simple plugin to Jekyll that makes it easy to embed photographs from Flickr directly into your posts.

If you have a Gemfile, start by adding the fleakr gem to your Gemfile and run bundle install. If you don't have a Gemfile, install the gem with gem install fleakr.

source :rubygems

gem 'RedCloth'
gem 'jekyll'
gem 'fleakr'

Then add the flickr plugin to your _plugins folder:

require 'liquid'
require 'fleakr'

Fleakr.api_key       = "XXX"
Fleakr.shared_secret = "YYY"
Fleakr.auth_token    = "ZZZ"


module Flickr
  def flickr_image(url)
    "<img alt='#{image_object(url).title}' src='#{image_object(url).large.url}'>"

  def flickr_medium_image(url)
    "<img alt='#{image_object(url).title}' src='#{image_object(url).medium.url}'>"


  def image_object(url)
    CACHED_IMAGES[url] ||= Fleakr.resource_from_url(url)


Read the readme for the fleakr gem on how to obtain your flickr api tokens. Then add them to the top of the flickr.rb file.

Loop over your photos in your post layout, for example like this:

  <h1>{{ post.title }}</h1>

  {% for flickr_url in post.flickr %}
    <a href="{{ flickr_url }}">{{ flickr_url | flickr_image }}</a>
  {% endfor %}

  {{ post.content }}

    {{ post.date || date:"%Y-%m-%d" }}</br>

Finally, the last step is to add one or more photos to your post:

title: A blog post with photos from flickr
  - 'https://photo-storage.brusman.se/6167152072.jpg'
  - 'https://photo-storage.brusman.se/6167152448.jpg'
  - 'https://photo-storage.brusman.se/6167153574.jpg'

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I have also published all these examples as a gist.