Farewell Inter, Hello Overpass and Tropi Land

I got, as usual, bored with the previous design of this site, so I decided to change it. This is something that happens from time to time and it gives me the chance to experiment with new things.

Some more or less notable changes

  • New colors which I found on @[email protected].
  • Trying out Open Heart Protocol buttons on each post, a tiny heart button to show appreciation for the post. Found out about it from benji.
  • Removed Inter and replaced it with two new fonts:
    • Added Tropi Land as the custom font for the "logo" to give it a more playful look.
    • Added Overpass as the main font for the site.
    • Used Glyphhanger to subset the fonts to only the characters used on the site. Overpass went from 310.95 KB to 31.98 KB and Tropi Land from 77.11 KB to 6.42 KB.
  • Renamed Notes to Articles, not sure if that will stick but notes sounded too much like short posts. Maybe it will come back, but as a syndication of the notes I post on Mastodon.
  • Sprinkled some icons from Heroicons to the main elements/navigation.
  • Replaced Instantpage with Quicklink for prefetching links.
  • Setup Vite for js bundling with eleventy-plugin-vite.