Some of the things I've found interesting lately.

The Bookmark Everything app. Hoard links, notes, and images and they will get automatically tagged AI.
selfhosting bookmarking bookmarks

GitButler | Git Branching, Refined
A Git client for simultaneous branches on top of your existing workflow..
git app

Phosphor Icons
A flexible icon family for interfaces, diagrams, presentations — whatever, really.

Atuin - Magical Shell History
Sync, search and backup shell history with Atuin
shell terminal history

Discover the IndieWeb, one blog post at a time.
A website to randomly explore the IndieWeb. Simply click a button and you will be redirected to a random post from a personal blog.
indieweb blog discover

Your (Graph) Data Fits in Memory
We need a fast way to query multiple potentially large sets of data on-demand at interactive speeds. Sometimes the easiest solution to a hard problem is to build the right tool for the job.
graph database rust data

Hono - Ultrafast web framework for the Edges
Hono is a small, simple, and ultrafast web framework for the Edges. It works on Cloudflare Workers, Fastly Compute, Deno, Bun, Vercel, Netlify, AWS Lambda, Lambda@Edge, and Node.js. Fast, but not only fast.
javascript framework edge

Tembo: Goodbye Database Sprawl, Hello Postgres
Tembo is the Postgres developer platform for building every application and data service. Collapse the database sprawl of the modern data stack with a unified developer platform.
postgres database hosting daas

Home | Tabby
Opensource, self-hosted AI coding assistant
Description will go into a meta tag in head /
ml selfhosting llm autocompletion

s l o w r o a d s
endless driving zen in your browser
game browser

Self-Hosted Applications and Alternatives
A directory of self-hosted software and applications for easy browsing
selfhosting list recommendation

Connect APIs, Remarkably Fast - Pipedream
Stop writing boilerplate code, struggling with auth and managing infrastructure. Connect APIs with code when you need it and no code when you don't.
workflow automation

Decap CMS | Open-Source Content Management System
Open source content management for your Git workflow
cms git ssg

Fedify is a Deno/TypeScript library for building federated server apps powered by ActivityPub and other standards, so-called fediverse.
fediverse typescript framework deno

Hey Guys
“Hey guys” is a common salutation, but it’s not gender neutral. People who aren’t men can feel excluded when addressed as “guys,” even if that is not the intent.

N₁₀ - Attention Management App for Mac
For all of us who get stuck, feel overwhelmed, lose track of time, forget what we’re working on, or could just use a little help concentrating.
todo app focus indie

How Figma's Databases Team Lived to Tell the Scale | Figma Blog
Our nine month journey to horizontally shard Figma’s Postgres stack, and the key to unlocking (nearly) infinite scalability.
database postgres

JSON Canvas
An open file format for infinite canvas data.
spec json canvas obsidian

How we migrated our PostgreSQL database with 11 seconds downtime
GOV.UK Notify recently migrated our production database. Find out how we did it with the least possible disruption to our users.
database postgres

PgBouncer is useful, important, and fraught with peril
To start, I want to say that I’m appreciative that PgBouncer exists and the work its open source maintainers put into it. I also love working with PostgreSQL, and I’m thankful for the incredible amount of work and improvements that go into it as well. I also think community and industry enthusiasm around Postgres is at an all time high. There are more managed hosting options than ever (Crunchy Data, Render, Fly.
database postgres pgbouncer

Explore RSS feeds in your network.

100 things you can do on your personal website | James' Coffee Blog
Some inspiration of things I could do
One of my favourite things to do in my free time is to tinker with this website. Indeed, this website is the culmination of years of tinkering. I have added features like coffee shop maps that I can share with friends, a way for me to share my bio in two languages, a sitemap.xml file to help search engines find pages on my website, and more.
blogging personal

All you need is Wide Events, not “Metrics, Logs and Traces”
This quote from Charity Majors is probably the best summary of the current state of observability in the tech industry - a total, mass confusion. Everyone is confused. What is a trace? What is a span? Is log line a span? Do I need traces if I have logs? Why I need traces if I have great metrics? The list of questions like these goes on. Charity - together with other great folks from observability system called

The Ladybird browser project
A new independent web browser that is being built from scratch

OKLCH in CSS: why we moved from RGB and HSL—Martian Chronicles, Evil Martians’ team blog
CSS Color Module 4 adds oklch(), and we gain P3 wide-gamut support, boost code readability, and improve developer-designer communication.
css colors

Continuous coordination for modern work | Steady
Steady is a Continuous Coordination platform that uses smart, structured communication loops to keep companies and teams aligned, engaged, and productive in minutes per day.

Zed is now open source - Zed Blog
We hope you'll join us in our mission to fundamentally advance software collaboration.
editor code

Platform Tilt - Mozilla
Platform Tilt tracks technical issues in major software platforms which disadvantage Firefox relative to the first-party browser.

A dedicated scratchpad for developers.
editor code

The Scary Thing About Automating Deploys - Slack Engineering
Most of Slack runs on a monolithic service simply called “The Webapp”. It’s big – hundreds of developers create hundreds of changes every week. Deploying at this scale is a unique challenge. When people talk about continuous deployment, they’re often thinking about deploying to systems as soon as changes are ready. They talk about microservices …
deploy slack bot

Filtering iCloud Shared Photo Library by Contributor
Since its release last year, how to filter the photos in our shared library to only show the photos I contributed has eluded me. Individual photo metadata shows who contributed a photo (and in the case of duplicates, multiple people might have contributed the same photo), but there was no way to view one’s contributions in bulk. After a few months of latent frustration, I figured out a way! In the search bar, enter the e-mail address of the contributor's Apple ID and you should see a auto-suggestion like "👥 Shared by person@example.
icloud photography photos

Stream your music library from Jellyfin to your iOS devices with ease using Manet.
jellyfin music