Jonas Brusman

I like to do high fives, take photographs and make cool things with Ruby.


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Took my family, and my in-laws, out for a day in the sun. Walked the nice and accessible boardwalk and had a very nice summery day.


Photo Photo Photo Photo



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Went to Spain with Teamtailor in the beginning of September. It was pretty nice. ☀️

Road trip – part 2

IMG_6428.jpg IMG_6438.jpg IMG_6434.jpg DSCF3240.jpg DSCF3169.jpg

More photos from our road trip.

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Road trip

IMG_6441.jpg DSCF3189.jpg DSCF3225.jpg DSCF3234.jpg DSCF3221.jpg DSCF3235.jpg

Eva and I rented a car (our first summer with driving licenses), filled it with clothes, a tent and some food and then took off on a little road trip down the east coast of Sweden.

See also: part 2


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Packed Henrik’s car with a tent, beer and firewood and went camping before it got too cold outside.

Springtime at Sörby

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